Coaching for product managers

Level up your leadership in experimentation and product growth management

Even though you have the theoretical skills to lead your product team in the process of experimenting and product-led growth, sometimes a coach can help you get the process going in practice. We have led many product teams to successfully start using experimentation in product development. Our experience of both success and failure allowed us to design a framework for growth product management that works. And we are happy to share that framework.

How coaching can be setup

  • The first 3-4 months, a growth product manager from work close to you about 50% of full time, to help you understand the frameworks of growth loops, growth model, hypothesizing and prioritize your initial experiments. In this time we focus on two things:

    • quickly getting experiments out the door so the team learns from doing it.

    • start using the frameworks of growth loops and growth models to make sure that the experimentation efforts will have the most impact going forward

  • After the initial 3-4 months, our involvement will be around 4 hours a week. Here we coach and help you to lead the team in the experimentation process.

  • Coaching will proceed from 4-12 months depending on your needs.

This hands-on, practical coaching was a dealbreaker for us

Jimmy Heibert, CEO @ Plick

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