How pet insurance app Lassie will boost their conversion rate

New UX for Lassie onboarding flow
Onboarding flow before redesign
Digital pet insurance startup Lassie launched in 2020 with a focus on preventive healthcare. Lassie is on a mission to democratize the market and enable pet owners to influence the prices by engaging in the app.

A few months ago, CPO Donna Hanafi realized they had a significant drop-off in the sign-up flow. She immediately knew they had to fix it as soon as possible to keep growing.

Problem discovery thanks to customer support

As the influx of new customers increased, customer support got overwhelmed with questions that should’ve been answered in the sign-up flow. A warning sign!

Luckily, problems are opportunities in disguise. They quickly realized they had an opportunity in that particular stage of the user journey. But being in a hectic growth phase, they didn’t have the time to fix the problem internally. to the rescue

“We had no idea how to solve this problem. We heard from our network that has successfully optimized many sign-up flows. We needed that experience and expertise, and we also like the testing approach.” says Donna Hanafi, CPO at Lassie.

“Having 70% mobile sign-ups increases the challenge of solving the best user experience. Especially in a complex sign-up flow like ours, with individual pricing based on many parameters.” she elaborates.

Outlining the problem and finding a tangible solution got to work and quickly drafted a problem statement with data from analytics platform Amplitude and testimonies from customer support.

Combining qualitative and quantitative data helped them develop a list with 9 hypotheses.

Problem statement (simplified for this case study)

Users have a hard time understanding the difference between the available offers and miss choosing a start date. This mistake decreases Lassie’s conversion rate due to drop-off and increases customer support workload for those who become customers.

Hypotheses (simplified for this case study)

We bet that these 9 improvements (see image) will increase conversion rate and customer satisfaction while decreasing workload for customer support.

After aligning with Lassie CPO and CTO about the hypotheses, Product Designer Johan Sandberg started sketching. Johan has previously designed key UX flows for Bambuser, Filmstaden, etc.

“Handing the problem to Johan was such a relief. He collected our input and then got to work straight away. His experience both as a consultant and a designer made our collaboration very smooth.” Donna Hanafi, CPO Lassie

Pre-testing the hypotheses

It wasn’t possible to A/B test in production, so Johan turned to to test two versions of the hypotheses.

UsabilityHub is a remote user research platform where you can do quick experiments and validate them with real users. We used the feedback to refine the solutions.

Next steps for Lassie

As you’re reading this case study, Lassie is implementing the hypotheses.

Then it’s time to monitor changes to key metrics. Will the conversion rate increase? Will customer support spend less time fixing simple problems? And will customer satisfaction increase?

Cliffhanger! We will update the case study with the results in April 2022.

Would you recommend to others?

“Absolutely! This collaboration was exactly what Lassie needed, and I loved how Johan guided us through this project.” Donna Hanafi, CPO Lassie

What have you learned from the project?

“I’ve learned (or validated what I already knew, to be honest) that even though we know, we should test everything we build. But the current phase the company is in doesn’t present many opportunities to do so. Getting help from, who didn’t let us skip this critical step, was invaluable. I’m excited to see how it impacts the end users and our conversion rate!” Donna Hanafi, CPO Lassie

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