Starting the Growth Team at Mentimeter

A year long collaboration with in interim roles resulted in a clear process, methods, tools and a lot of A/B-tests.

In fierce competition was honored with the opportunity to start up the organic growth team at Mentimeter.

The Challange

Build a high-velocity experimentation process to quickly test our hypotheses, improve our website experience and increase conversions

What we did

  • Coached the growth team to adopt an efficient testing process

  • Educated the team in A/B testing and experimentation methodology and technology through workshops, lectures as well as doing the job collaboratively

  • Collaborated with other product teams in experimentation

  • Analyzed user behavior using

  • Hypotheses prioritization

  • Technical owner of building, shipping, and QA for all A/B-tests

  • Analyzed A/B-test results

  • Helped recruit more conversion specialists

"It was great to have you from the beginning, and supporting me in building the growth team."

- Arnaut Calliot, Growth Manager @ Mentimeter

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