Kickstarting Traderas Growth Team

Tradera partnered with to accelerate learning and improve key metrics. Tradera aimed to validate their ideas in product development but lacked the processes, tools, and product analytics capabilities.

The goals were:

  • Empower Tradera's newly established cross-functional Growth team with the knowledge and skills necessary for conducting experiments independently within 6 months.

  • Improve Key Metrics.

During this project, we:

  • Educated the cross-functional team on essential concepts and operations required for successful high-tempo testing.

  • Identified critical growth loops.

  • Established Key Metrics as the North Star.

  • Implemented GrowthBook as a tool to facilitate high-quality experiments.

  • Discovered previously unknown user behaviors at pivotal moments in the user journey, along with retention patterns.

  • Answered the critical question of when a user develops a habit around the product, a key insight for increasing retention successfully.Developed a predictive growth model to assist in prioritization.

Curious about how we achieved these results?

Send a DM to Linda Eriksson (LinkedIn)

We were most happy with the experiments of course. But I’m also very pleased you helped us discover GrowthBook.

Stefan Öberg, CEO Tradera

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